Upcoming Events/Joint Ventures

Teaming Up with L.Y. Marlow and Saving Promise To Prevent Domestic Violence

Robyn E. Brickel, M.A., LMFT, LLC is pleased to announce Robyn was asked to be part of a joint venture with Saving Promise.

Saving Promise—a national nonprofit organization dedicated to preventing domestic violence—is launching a call to action to change intimate partner violence in America. With an emphasis on greater prevention, education and public awareness, their mission is to proactively address what the CDC refers to as a “widespread public health problem.” Founder L.Y. Marlow’s story involves four generations of mothers and daughters who survived more than 60 years of domestic violence. When L.Y. discovered that her 22-year-old daughter and granddaughter—a little girl named Promise—now the fifth generation, were trapped in an abusive relationship, she founded Saving Promise with the intention of saving Promise which blossomed into a vision for the nation. Please follow Saving Promise on Facebook and Twitter. Read more about prevention this month on L.Y.’s blog, In Her Own Words. Learn how to become a Friend of Promise today!

Parents often struggle with when and how to talk to their kids about the risks associated with dating and the potential of dating violence. Each year in February during Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month L.Y. Marlow, Founder of Saving Promise, and Robyn E. Brickel, M.A., LMFT, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Director of Robyn E. Brickel, M.A., LMFT, LLC, are teaming up to help inform parents about dating violence. What are the best ways to prevent dating violence for your child? How do you start the conversation? What are the warning signs? Each week, L.Y. and Robyn will provide tips and best practices to help parents navigate this troubling and often scary reality of dating and relationships that can veer into the unhealthy realm. Prevention starts now with knowing when and how to talk to your kids at any age!

As parents and caregivers, what do you do to help set the groundwork at home to help your children learn about healthy relationships so that when friendship turns into dating and "love is in the air" you have some tools -- check out my feature in the Washington Post on ways to teach and support safe and loving relationships. The premise is to start talking about it early!

Guest Faculty at the Institute for Advanced Psychotherapy Training and Education, Inc.

Robyn E. Brickel, M.A., LMFT, LLC is pleased to announce Robyn was recently named guest faculty by the President and Founder of The Institute for Advanced Psychotherapy Training and Education, Inc., Lisa Ferentz, LCSW-C, DAPA.

Robyn teamed with Denise Tordella, M.A., LPC to present a one day workshop: Working with Adolescents and Their Families: a Collaborative Approach to Treating Substance Abuse. The workshop provided clinicians with specific tools, techniques and strategies to engage adolescents and their families in treatment for substance abuse.