Getting Started in Therapy

To discuss your counseling needs and set up an appointment to begin the process of therapy, please contact Robyn, the director of the practice, via phone (703) 518-8883 or email.

Please note that making an initial contact with the practice does not necessarily begin a therapy/counseling relationship with this office. Therapy/counseling begins after the initial evaluation in our office and the new patient forms packet is completed and accepted by our office. At that time, you and the therapist will both evaluate this information and assess whether or not we are the appropriate provider for your therapy/counseling needs and if you want to work with our office going forward.

Below is a link to the packet of new patient/client forms, as well as a returning client form (if you are returning to therapy less than one (1) year since your last appointment), in a printable version, that you will need to print, read, sign, and review with your therapist at your initial appointment.

Also below, you will find, a printable version of the release of information form, the Informed Consent form for therapeutic treatment of an adolescent and a non-subpoena contract for clients in couple, family, or child/parent therapy.

New Client Information Packet

Returning Client Form

Release of Information Form

Adolescent Informed Consent Form:
to be signed by the adolescent and parent(s)

Non-Subpoena Contract for Clients in Couple,
Family, or Child/Parent Therapy

Insurance Information

The practice does not participate as an in-network provider with any insurance company plans. Given that all therapeutic services are reimbursable depending on your insurance coverage we encourage you to contact your insurance company to help inform your decision about therapy.

The practice does provide clients with a detailed statement of receipt that can be submitted to all insurance companies if your plan includes out-of-network mental health benefits.

I suggest that all clients wanting to use their insurance benefits, contact their insurance companies about what their "out-of-network mental health benefit" is, so that you can make informed decisions. Some questions you may want to ask your insurance company to inform your decision are:

  • What is my out-of-network mental health benefit?
  • Do I need to meet a deductible to receive reimbursement for out-of-network mental health coverage?
  • Does my insurance company provide a mental health claim form?